# How to access Coverr's Free Videos API

# Request an API Key

In order to use the Coverr API you need an API Key.

To get your API key or if you have any other questions please contact [email protected].

We usually provide a key within a week of request, assuming the use case makes sense.

# Quotas and limits

Every Coverr API key is free and will provide access to all of our API features.

# Personal use or staging - up to 1000 calls/month.

A new, “unverified” API key will be limited to a maximum of 1000 requests per month — enough for personal use, hobby projects, and staging purposes.

# Moving to production - up to 500 calls/minute(!)

Once you’re ready, you can contact us and request your production-verified key. These keys have a much higher capacity — up to 500 requests per minute — depending on your app’s needs.

And again, if you have any more questions, please contact [email protected].

Already have an API key? Let’s make our first call in the Authentication section!