# Authentication

All of our API endpoints require authentication. As mentioned above — to access Coverr’s Free Videos API, you’ll need an API Key.

This key can be passed as an api_key url query parameter or Authorization http header.

# Making our first call

No matter the authentication method you choose (parameter or http header), once you get an API Key, you’re good to go!

Using the key you’ve received and the auth method you’ve chosen, you can now access our API:

# Method 1: Auth with query parameter

Try to hit this URL with your key:


# Method 2: Auth with HTTP Header

Use Postman or curl to try this request using your API key (notice the Bearer prefix):

curl -v \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer {api_key}' \

Easy, right?

Next, we’ll start reviewing the main endpoints you can query.

* Again, to get an API key, simply contact us at [email protected] and describe your use-case in a few sentences.