# Before you start

# About Coverr’s Free Stock Videos API

Welcome video lovers!

Coverr was created for you to find free stock videos that don't look like stock.

We’ve created this API to power makers like you to embed our videos in your products in the most immersive way possible.

# Why free videos? Why an API?

Videos are often the best way to convey a message, so we wanted to gift our videos to the masses.

Coverr’s Free Videos API takes it to the next level and allows you to access our entire library of free stock videos, including categories and collections.

This access is free as long as you don’t charge for it yourself, AKA re-sell or use the videos for commercial use.

The API supports almost all features you already know and love on Coverr.co.

In fact, we are using this exact API for our own website in production — serving millions of video lovers and video creators with high quality, free videos to download day in and day out, so you can be sure it’s reliable and scalable enough for your product.

# Attribution

If you make use of the Coverr API, you'd have to show your users where the videos are pulled from. We ask all our API users to include our logo and make it clickable for this purpose.

That's the one thing we kindly request in return for free API usage.

You can download white logo here (opens new window) and dark version here (opens new window).

For example take a look how Web Stories (opens new window) by Google designed it: